• By: Graham Sutliff
  • Published: February 2020
Rolando Martinez Killed in Deadly Amarillo Crash

Amarillo, TX (2/4/2020) – An Amarillo man is now dead after a fatal crash occurred on Interstate 27 Monday afternoon.

The accident occurred around 4:10 p.m. when a Toyota Tacoma rear-ended a Toyota Camry. Both vehicles came to a rest on the inside lane of the highway. That’s when a Freightliner tractor pulling an empty Timpte Grain hauler trailer collided into both vehicles, first the Tacoma then the Camry.

Both drivers of the vehicles were taken to a nearby hospital. The driver of the Tacoma, 24-year-old Rolando Martinez, suffered life-threatening injuries. He later died.

The driver of the Camry suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Crash investigators will review all factors that may have led up to the accident and police reports will be made available in fourteen days.

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Source: ABC 7 News

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