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Dump trucks are essential to modern construction, offering an efficient way to transport materials such as gravel and dirt to construction sites. These trucks are heavy, and maneuvering them can be challenging. Due to their large size and specific driving patterns, trucks can cause severe and even fatal accidents on the roadways.

If you are in an accident with a dump truck in Houston, you need to contact a dump truck accident attorney to learn more about your legal options. It’s not easy for a person who has been injured after an accident to follow up on a case and get the compensation they deserve. An experienced dump truck accident lawyer can fight on your behalf.


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    Causes of Dump Truck Accidents

    Dump truck accidents are not uncommon, and they can happen due to:

    Blind Spots

    Most dump truck accidents happen due to driver error. Most times, the truck driver might not see a victim in the dump truck’s blind spots. The lack of using a spotter for guidance may cause an accident.

    Improperly or Overloaded Dump Trucks

    Improper or overloaded dump trucks are a common cause of accidents. When the material on the back of the truck is loose, it can impact the truck’s stability. The lack of stability increases the likelihood of the truck going out of control. The loose material can get dislodged, fly off the truck, and hit people behind them.

    Poor Training

    Every dump truck driver must get the proper training to operate heavy trucks. Lack of training often causes serious accidents.

    Uneven Roads

    Dump trucks usually operate on construction sites that often have uneven driving terrain. The best terrain for dump trucks is flat ground, and rough terrain makes the truck unstable, and it might tip over.

    What Do I Do After a Dump Truck Accident in Houston?

    After a commercial dump truck accident, the first human reaction is usually shock and confusion. Your priority should be to ensure you get medical attention and secure your legal rights. You can protect yourself by doing the following:

    • Ask for the name and contact of independent witnesses, if any. Collect other evidence, such as the driver’s employment, insurance information, and photos of the accident scene, and write your recollection of the incident.
    • Call the police, who will give you an accident number.
    • Record any statements of fault from the driver.
    • Seek medical attention as soon as possible to receive treatment and record an official statement of your health condition.
    • Listen to the doctor’s instructions and follow them to the letter.
    • Decline to give a recorded statement to the dump truck company’s insurance providers, company representatives, or attorneys. Consult your attorney for advice first.
    • Avoid social media posts on the accident or the case in general while you have a pending claim.
    • Keep track of all your losses, repair invoices, medical bills, and other paperwork or receipts related to the accident.

    Following these tips will help ensure your dump truck accident lawyer has an easier time digging for information while investigating liability.

    How Do I Prove Fault in a Dump Truck Accident?

    Police officers have to investigate accidents with serious injuries. Depending on how the officers handle the case and their qualifications, their opinions may be inadmissible in court. The majority assume that if the officers discover the dump truck driver was at fault, the case ends there. However, proof of responsibility for the accident must be present. Accident reconstructionists may come in as expert witnesses. The experts recreate the accident and tell the jury who was at fault. Sometimes, the testimonies of parties involved in the accident or the witnesses establish liability.

    The answer to who is at fault for a dump truck accident is often not simple. The case hinges on many different factors. The problem may have been poor road conditions, bad weather, or vehicle defects. Dump truck accidents in Houston can become complicated because of the multiple parties involved. Some of the parties that may be liable include:

    • The dump truck driver: The truck driver bears some responsibility for the accident. The driver might be at fault if they were impaired, distracted, or violated traffic laws during the accident.
    • The dump truck owner/employer: Responsibility can also fall on the truck owner for the driver’s negligence. Liability falls on the owner if they knowingly hired an unqualified or inexperienced driver.
    • The loading company: Responsibility may fall on the company that loaded and secured the load if the accident was due to load instability.
    • The company that maintains the dump truck: The dump truck repair company would bear responsibility if they did not inspect the truck for defects or address any known defects.
    • The truck manufacturer: If the accident occurred due to a defective part, the manufacturer of the components might bear some responsibility. A manufacturer might take liability if the part’s design, assembly, manufacture, distribution, etc., showed negligence.

    The only way to find out who is liable is to hire an experienced dump truck accident lawyer in Houston. The lawyer will perform an investigation into the case and determine liability.

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