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Delivery drivers are a mainstay on modern roadways as people have become accustomed to having products delivered directly to their homes. However, with the increase in online ordering, delivery services have become more pressured than ever to meet delivery quotas and deadlines. The result? More accidents between everyday drivers and FedEx and UPS trucks than ever before. Sutliff & Stout is committed to helping victims and their loved ones to get justice for the negligent behaviors that cause these accidents. 

As Houston FedEx and UPS Truck Accident lawyers, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to take on these major companies when their employees contribute to accidents that injure others. Rushing to meet a quota is no excuse to show such careless regard for other drivers, and we work to hold these companies accountable for their actions. 

Common Causes of Houston FedEx and UPS Truck Accidents

FedEx and UPS truck drivers are typically under tight deadlines to complete a certain number of deliveries in a day. Both companies pride themselves on rapid delivery services and customers have come to expect it when ordering goods. This has created pressure for drivers and sometimes causes them to break traffic rules to complete deliveries. 

Examples include drivers who sometimes obstruct the roadway when they are dropping off and picking up packages or those who speed through traffic to get to their next destination. Common causes of FedEx and UPS truck accidents include: 

  • Failure to yield 
  • Failure to set parking brakes
  • Failure to use emergency blinkers
  • Parking in the middle of the road when drivers cannot find parking

FedEx and UPS truck drivers are sometimes distracted by package updates or time constraints for specific deliveries. This can cause them to ignore pertinent traffic safety guidelines that keep everyone on the road safe. This can contribute to negligent road actions that lead to a collision. 

Ways a Houston FedEx and UPS Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

Seeking the help of a Houston FedEx and UPS truck accident attorney can make the process of filing a claim much more straightforward. The team at Sutliff & Stout will aggressively pursue damages on your behalf after a collision with a delivery truck driver. We understand how seriously you or your loved ones can be injured in an accident with such a large and cumbersome vehicle. Our delivery vehicle accident attorneys are here to help and will advocate on your behalf while you focus on recovery. 

We will act as a buffer for corporate opposition lawyers from these companies that will do whatever they can to mitigate accountability for the incident. Our expert legal strategy on Texas trucking accidents means that we have what it takes to successfully negotiate with prominent corporate attorneys from FedEx and UPS when they attempt to evade responsibility after an accident with one of their drivers. 

Moreover, if the trucking company in question is unwilling to negotiate, we stand ready to go to trial to pursue justice on your behalf. Our goal is to resolve the case to your complete satisfaction. 

What to Do After a FedEx or UPS Truck Accident

If you are injured in an accident with a FedEx or UPS truck, there are a few steps you can take to maximize your chance for a successful claim process. The first is to seek medical attention, even if the accident seems minor and you don’t think you need it. The truth is that the adrenaline spike may prevent you from fully feeling your injuries. This does not mean they don’t exist. 

If you are able, file a police report immediately and snap a few pictures of the scene with your mobile device. Jot down the name and truck number of the delivery truck if you can and the names and contact information of anyone that may have witnessed the accident. The more information you gather in the immediate aftermath of the accident, the more effectively we can pursue your claim while you recover. 

Seek Advice from a Houston FedEx and UPS Truck Accident Lawyer

Just because a FedEx or UPS delivery truck is under pressure to meet a deadline, they don’t have the right to operate their vehicles negligently. Sutliff & Stout’s Houston FedEx and UPS delivery truck accident lawyers have a wealth of experience helping victims of delivery truck accidents caused by these types of delivery vehicles. We will ensure that corporate attorneys don’t railroad you from these major delivery services to duck accountability for negligence on the roadways. 

Our delivery vehicle accident law firm specializes in this area of personal injury. We will diligently pursue the compensation you deserve for any injuries you or your loved ones sustained in an accident with a FedEx or UPS truck. Call us today at (713) 987-7111 or reach out online to learn more. 

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