• By: Hank Stout
  • Published: March 2017

The Austin City Council recently approved a pedestrian safety grant of $1.9 million. The funds are being directed towards the study of dangerous intersections and to the installation of a variety of pedestrian safety devices throughout the city. We’ve examined pedestrian crash data from 2010 through 2015 to help the city of Austin understand which intersections should take priority.


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In an effort to identify the most dangerous pedestrian intersections in Austin our research team analyzed over 1,700 individual collision records from the Texas Department of Transportation spanning six years (2010 – 2015).

The Danger Score takes into account the number of crashes involving pedestrians, along with the number of fatalities and injuries. The score worsens if a fatality has occurred.

Here are the 100 most dangerous intersections for pedestrians in Austin.


[List: 100 Most Dangerous Pedestrian Intersections in Austin]

Danger Score Formula: Fatal Crash(x10) + Incapacitating Injury Crash(x5) + Non-Incapacitating Injury Crash(x3) + Total Crashes = Danger Score

Interactive Map

Use the map below to explore the dangerous pedestrian intersections throughout Austin. Larger circles represent a more dangerous intersection. Hover over any circle to see the cross streets, danger score, total crashes, and fatal crashes for each intersection.

Key Findings

  • From 2010-2015, there were 471 crashes, 438 injuries, and 27 fatalities at the Austin intersections that made up the top 100 most dangerous.
  • The average danger score of a dangerous intersection was 21.1
  • The average number of accidents per dangerous intersection was 4.71
  • The average number of injuries per dangerous intersection was 3.37
  • The average number of deaths per dangerous intersection was 0.27
  • The most dangerous intersection for Austin pedestrians is Bluff Springs Rd. & E William Cannon Dr. which produced 14 crashes, all of which caused injuries
  • The three deadliest intersections are S Congress Ave & W Ben White Blvd, Ed Bluestein Blvd & Loyola Ln, and Craigwood Dr & E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. 54% of the crashes at these intersections resulted in fatalities.

Overhead View of the Top 5 Dangerous Intersections

Below are screenshots taken from Google Maps which show a birds-eye view of each of the top five most dangerous pedestrian intersections in Austin between 2010 and 2015.

1. Bluff Springs Rd. & E William Cannon Dr.

Pedestrian Crashes: 14 / Injury Crashes: 13 / Fatal Crashes: 0


2. Trinity St & E 7th St

Pedestrian Crashes: 14 / Injury Crashes: 9 / Fatal Crashes: 0


3. Interregional Hwy & E 6th St

Pedestrian Crashes: 11 / Injury Crashes: 8 / Fatal Crashes: 0


4. S Pleasant Valley Rd & E Oltorf St

Pedestrian Crashes: 12 / Injury Crashes: 11 / Fatal Crashes: 0


5. S Congress Ave & W Ben White Blvd

Pedestrian Crashes: 6 / Injury Crashes: 3 / Fatal Crashes: 2


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