• By: Graham Sutliff
  • Published: August 2022

Seagoville, Texas (Aug. 7, 2022) – Three are dead, including a child, after a suspected drunk driver struck their vehicle head-on while traveling in the wrong lane of traffic.

The incident occurred at roughly 1 a.m. on US Highway 175. Local police were responding to calls regarding a wrong-way driver, when they spotted a blue Chevrolet traveling west in eastbound lanes. Police attempted to get the driver’s attention by shining spotlights on the truck, but to no success.

The truck continues westbound into Seagoville, ultimately crashing into a Toyota sedan. Inside the sedan was a grandmother, her daughter, and a child from the same family. All three were killed in the collision.

The suspected drunk driver was flown to a Dallas area hospital to receive medical treatment following the wreck. Police have confirmed that they have executed a search warrant on the suspect to check his blood alcohol levels from the time of the crash.


Wrong-Way Collisions

Wrong-way collisions are the reason many people suffer injuries or end up killed. According to the FHWA, in the United States, WWD crashes result in 300 to 400 people killed each year on average, representing approximately 1 percent of the total number of traffic-related fatalities that occur annually. Although this is a small percent, these crashes have the deadliest fatalities since they usually occur at high speeds.

When these kinds of wrongful fatalities occur, it’s important to seek a personal injury or wrongful death lawyer. They have the resources necessary to help you after your accident, and if your case happens to go to trial, they’ll be able to rightfully represent you and your case. The families of the drivers may be entitled to a wrongful death claim. The family may be compensated for damages such as funeral expenses, medical costs, and emotional distress.

If you or a loved one were involved in a car accident with a wrong-way driver, immediately contact a legal expert to help you evaluate your options. Call car accident attorneys Sutliff & Stout at (713) 405-1263 or send us an email to discuss your car accident injury case.

Source: Fox 4

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