Check for injuries. Determine whether you or anyone else involved in the crash needs emergency medical treatment. If someone is significantly injured, do not move them. Call and wait for EMS to arrive. Remain as calm as possible and do not get into an argument with the other driver.
Call the police. It’s important to call the police first so they can quickly address the situation and help you get to safety. You should also write down the names, phone numbers and/or license plates of any witnesses who saw what happened. The reality is that the police oftentimes do not capture the names and numbers of the witnesses, so it is up to you to make sure to get this information before they leave. It is also helpful to write down the name and badge number of the police officer or officers that respond to your call for reference later.
Take pictures or video. Assuming it is safe to do so, get out your phone (or disposable camera) and take pictures of the following:
  1. The position of the cars, the license plates of the vehicles and the damage to the vehicles involved in the collision;
  2. The other driver’s license and insurance card; and
  3. Any other pictures that help demonstrate what occurred or anything out of the ordinary.
If you have the capabilities, take a video as well.
Move your car to safety. Once you have taken pictures and assuming your vehicle is drivable, you should move your vehicle to safety. A lot of accidents happen because other drivers are not paying attention to where they are going. If you cannot move your vehicle, turn your hazard lights on and get to safety. Some emergency kits come with hazard cones or flares and can be placed around the crash area to warn other drivers. If you have such devices, be sure to put them out.
Do not say it was your fault or blame the other driver. Don’t argue with the other driver or admit fault. It is best not to engage with the other driver, except to exchange license and insurance information. Wait for the police to arrive to give your account of what occurred to the officer.
Call you parents or guardians. While it is not fair, most folks assume that teenagers were at fault. As a result, it is a good idea to try to have one of your parents come to the scene to assist you with the situation. If your parents are not available, try to call an adult relative or friend for help.
Don’t ignore your body. If you are feeling pain or discomfort, be sure to tell your parents and seek medical attention. Oftentimes, it can take several days for your problems to set in so don’t ignore these signs. Even if you don’t have any immediate discomfort, go to the doctor the next day to get a check-up. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
Write down everything. When you are in a safe place and you have followed the above steps, write down everything you can remember about the accident before it fades from memory. This includes how you remember the accident occurring, anything out of the ordinary, damage to your car, etc.

In the event a police report is not filed and there was injury or property damage from the crash, you need to report the accident to the Texas Department of Transportation within ten days. Call (800) 558-9368 for information from your local TxDOT District office.

Car Accident Resources

Local Towing Companies

Houston Towing Companies we suggest:
Apple Towing Co. (Houston) (713) 383-6200
Collision Express (830) 265-6685
Marble Falls Towing Companies we suggest:
Collision Express (830) 265-6685
Burnet Towing – Marble Falls (512) 756-2626
Austin Towing Companies we suggest:
Austin Towing Services (512) 709-5364
Ryan’s Towing (512) 589-3222
New Braunfels Towing Companies we suggest:
New Braunfels Towing (830) 606-3045
Dallas / Fort Worth Towing Companies we suggest:
KB Towing Tow Truck Service (469) 735-7556
Titan Towing (817) 478-7201
San Antonio Towing Companies we suggest:
The Tow Guys Roadside & Recovery (210) 346-1691

Local Repair Shops

Houston Car Repair Companies we suggest:
JJ Auto Body (832) 214-8072
Santa Ana Auto Care (713) 956-1145
Marble Falls Car Repair Companies we suggest:
Wagoner Tire (830) 693-3849
Alan’s Wrench (830) 693-0034
Austin Car Repair Companies we suggest:
Newman’s Automotive (512) 447-7801
Tech One Automotive (512) 407-8530
New Braunfels Car Repair Companies we suggest:
HMC Automotive Repair (512) 288-6349
Dallas / Fort Worth Car Repair Companies we suggest:
Love Field Auto Inc. (214) 902-9996
Texas Mobile Mechanics (817) 382-2377
San Antonio Car Repair Companies we suggest:
Texas Auto Repairs (210) 464-2406

Extra Tips

Local Repair Shops

As a young adult, be sure to be calm and speak clearly to the officer. Also, if the other person is upset or yelling, you should politely tell the person that you will wait to speak with the police about the situation.
Know where your hazard lights are in the car. If you have emergency equipment or first aid kit in the car, be sure to know where it is.
Keep water and a notebook and pen in your car. The water can help you or your car in hot temperatures while the notebook will allow you to write down everything from the crash immediately.
If you do not have a camera on your phone or you don’t have your phone with you, it is good to carry a disposable camera in your car to take pictures.

Get these facts

1. Other driver’s name and DL#

2. Address

3. Other driver’s insurance company

4. Policy number

5. Other car owner’s name

6. Address

7. Witnesses names

8. Phone numbers


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