Tire defects are often the root cause of car accidents, SUV rollovers and van rollovers in Houston, Texas. The most common form of tire defect that results in an accidents or a roll-over is something commonly referred to as tread separation or tread detachment. When a tire suffers a tread separation, a vehicle often times becomes unstable and uncontrollable. When this happens, the likelihood that you will be in an accident or roll-over increases dramatically.

Faulty or inadequate tire design or negligent manufacturing of tires can cause a tread separation. Various methods have been developed to combat this defect—such as belt wedges and nylon overlays—but some companies refuse to incorporate these safety features because such safety features will cut into their profit margins.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious car accident in Houston stemming from a tire defect, the consequences can be devastating. Initially, it may not be obvious that a tire defect contributed to the accident. But by contacting Sutliff & Stout, we can help you determine the various causes of the collision and whether a defective tire played a roll in the auto accident.

At Sutliff & Stout, we work with leading experts in various fields of study to determine the cause of an accident. With an in-depth analysis of the vehicle, the tires and the accident scene, it can often be determined if a tire defect or other auto defect was to blame. When it is determined that an automobile defect or tire defect contributed to the collision, our Houston personal injury lawyers can help you determine how to move forward. In certain cases, we may be able to hold the tire manufacturer, automobile manufacturer, or other responsible parties accountable in a product liability lawsuit. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.