• By: Hank Stout
  • Published: May 2018

How to Get a Fort Worth Police Accident Report

Fort Worth Police Department Accident Report

Image courtesy of Facebook via Fort Worth Police Department

Accident reports can be used as crucial evidence when filing a claim for your car accident damages and injuries.

If you have recently been involved in a car accident and the FWPD filled out a car accident report, there are a couple of ways of getting access to a copy of your Fort Worth police department accident report.

We’ll get your Fort Worth accident report for you.

Just provide the details of your accident, and we’ll do our best to track down your Fort Worth accident report and email it to you.

*This service is available to anyone involved in a collision that needs help getting their crash report. This service is not available to other law firms or insurance companies.

Receive Your Fort Worth Car Accident Report In-Person

Fort Worth accident reports can be picked up in person at the Fort Worth PD Headquarters. Their customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm and are located at 1000 Calvert St, Fort Worth, TX 76107. If you are unsure if they have your report on file, give their offices a call at (817) 392-4160.

You may also choose to fill out a copy of the Police Records Customer Order form, this may either be delivered in person or by mail. If you choose to send the order form in by mail than you will need to send out a self-addressed stamped envelope with the order form to:

Fort Worth Police Records Division

  • 350 West Belknap St.
  • Fort Worth, Texas 76102-2004

Request Your Fort Worth Car Accident Report by Mail

If you choose to request a Fort Worth accident report through the mail the report will cost $6, in addition, there will be a report search fee of $6. However, if you deliver the order form in person you will not need to pay the report search fee.

Receive Your Fort Worth Police Accident Report Online

You can also retrieve a copy of your Fort Worth car accident report online by visiting the Fort Worth PD Accident Reports website and searching by the report number.

If you are looking to purchase your Fort Worth car accident report online it will cost $11. You can also have the report emailed to you by sending in the Customer Order form. Choosing the option to have the report emailed to you.

Important notes to consider when it comes to retrieving an accident report:

  • Reports are processed within 10 business days and are on a first come/first serve basis
  • Reports can be certified for an additional $2 charge
  • If you choose to request the report by mail you will need to either provide a credit card number, a cashier’s check, or money order. Personal or business checks are not allowed.
  • If you suffered injuries from a car accident in Fort Worth you should not hesitate to take advantage of a free case review from our Texas Injury Lawyers

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