Houston Construction Zone Accident LawyerRoadways in Houston are frequently serviced, expanded, or upgraded. Changes to roadways can be confusing to drivers, especially when driving at high speeds. This is why construction zone safety is important not only for workers but for drivers as well.

When a construction zone accident occurs, the injuries to both drivers and workers can be catastrophic. From neck and back injuries to medical bills and loss of income, construction zone accidents can be stressful. Unfortunately, identifying fault is complex because it’s possible for multiple parties to be involved in a construction zone accident in Houston. It would be wise to consult the Board-Certified legal team specializing in construction zone accidents at Sutliff & Stout.

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Construction Zone Accidents Facts and Statistics

A study by the National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse reveals that unsafe construction zones account for thousands of accidents, injuries, and deaths every year. Nationally, there were over 94,000 construction zone accidents, contributing to 37,000 injuries and 800 fatalities in 2017. Only 20 percent of those killed in construction zone accidents are the workers themselves, meaning 80 percent of the time, it’s drivers and vehicle occupants that are affected by dangerous working zones.

Annually, there are about 15,000 construction zone accidents in Texas, accounting for 100 deaths each year. Of those accidents, about 3,000 involved distracted drivers. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) released data showing that speeding, distraction, and intoxication were some of the most common causes of constriction zone accidents. However, those aren’t the only causes.

Causes of Construction Zone Accidents in Houston

While drivers on the road pose a major threat to each other when they engage in negligent actions, they’re not always to blame for construction zone accidents. Other causes and factors that attribute to construction zone accidents in Houston include:

  • Unclear or poorly designed signs
  • Improper placement or lack of signage on roads
  • Inadequate caution warnings
  • Missing cones
  • Poor lighting
  • Construction materials and debris on roads
  • Broken or missing barricades
  • Inattentive traffic control flag persons

In addition, the FHWA reports that construction zone accidents typically transpire as fixed-object, rear-end, side-impact, and lane-change accidents. When construction work zones aren’t set up appropriately, the construction crew and their companies should be held responsible for injuries that occur.

Tips for Driving Safely in Houston Construction Zones

Most of the time, construction zone crews work late nights and early mornings to minimize the amount of traffic during the day. Drivers as well as workers inevitably lose visibility in darker conditions. Therefore, it’s imperative to know how to protect yourself and others when driving near construction zones in Houston. Here are some driving safety tips outlined by the FHWA:

  • Always wear a seatbelt
  • Plan your route ahead of time to avoid or anticipate construction zones
  • Don’t drive impaired or distracted; if you need to make a call or send a text, pull over at a safe rest area or parking lot
  • Maintain a safe distance from the vehicles in front of you
  • Follow the law—no speeding, tailgating, or illegal lane changes
  • Adhere to construction zone warning signs
  • Slow down near construction zones and, if possible, move over one lane

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