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    Injured in Austin Texas? Here we’ll discuss the essential qualifications to look for when hiring an Austin personal injury lawyer.

    Hiring a personal injury lawyer is a critical decision. Austin, like most large cities, is chock-full of accident and injury law firms. Choosing the best firm for your injury lawsuit can be a daunting task.

    Below we’ve provided you with our honest advice on what to know, what to consider, and what questions to ask before hiring a personal injury attorney in Austin, TX.

    By giving this candid advice, we hope to earn the chance to speak with you and provide a free review of your case.

    But even if you decide not to call us, we hope this information will help you make an informed choice and, ultimately, hire an Austin personal injury law firm that is reputable and will give your case the attention it deserves.

    Are You a Car Accident or Personal Injury Victim in Austin, Texas?

    Accidents happen when we least expect them. When you’re injured in an accident, you may feel helpless. You may wonder if you will ever be able to overcome this hardship, especially if your injuries are permanent or will be keeping you out of work for a substantial amount of time. Consequently, the actions that you pursue in the aftermath of an accident can help or hurt your compensation claim.

    Never hesitate to fight for your rights and take legal action with an experienced accident injury lawyer on your side. Understand that taking immediate action can make a difference in the outcome of your Austin personal injury case. If you need advice from an Austin car accident lawyer, contact Sutliff & Stout by submitting a contact form, or calling or texting (713) 987-7111 as soon as possible.

    Sutliff & Stout provides strong advocacy to personal injury victims in Austin, Texas. Since opening our doors in 2008, we have proudly and successfully represented those wrongfully injured facing various legal issues, including car accidents and truck accidents. With compassionate and state-of-the-art legal services, we are pleased to deliver solid results for our clients.

    Sutliff & Stout is dedicated to serving injured accident victims in Austin through high-quality legal representation. An accident can leave you with many questions and concerns about your financial losses as well as the pain inflicted by the negligence of another party.

    Fighting for your rights isn’t an easy battle. It is best to be accompanied by an expert firm with experience that is dynamic in nature. Whether you were involved in a fender bender or a serious wreck, we are here to help answer your questions. We commonly counsel and defend clients in the following areas:

    How Does Sutliff & Stout Help with Your Austin Injury Claim?

    Only a seasoned car accident attorney can recognize the issues specific to your case and formulate the strategic plan necessary to produce a successful case outcome. Here at Sutliff & Stout, you can spot the difference in our process from the start.

    Unlike other accident firms that rely on assistants to carry out initial communications, Sutliff & Stout values the trust you have placed in our hands. We ensure that each of our clients meet directly with one of our Board-Certified accident lawyers about their case. By focusing on attorney–client relationships and interactions, we make sure you’re aware of your rights—and that you feel confident in the decisions you make moving forward.

    Beyond personal attention and customer-tailored services, the benefits of retaining our team are endless. We take on insurance companies and tackle negotiations so you don’t have to. We conduct a comprehensive investigation into your case to get the details straight so we can prove fault and identify proper liability. Finally, we use our knowledge of the legal system to our advantage and ensure you are appropriately compensated for all your losses.

    Austin a Hot Spot for Car Accident Injuries & Fatalities

    There isn’t a day that goes by where there aren’t any car or truck accidents on the roads in Austin. This makes these two types of accidents the most commonly pursued personal injury claim, and they’re the number one reason why millions of road users end up seriously injured or killed each year.

    At Sutliff & Stout, our firm specializes in representing the victims and families of individuals hurt or killed in car and truck accident collisions throughout Texas. We know exactly what laws, regulations, and obscure insurance concepts come into play. Year after year, clients in Austin trust that we have the resources and skills necessary to demand the full damages to which you’re entitled.

    Do You Have a Car or Truck Accident Case in Austin?

    Car or truck accidents happen in a split second; all it takes it one text, one drink, or one distraction. What’s more, these accidents are never the same for victims. Listed below are some of the ways these accidents turn out, why they occur, and the effect they have on the body and mind.

    Auto accidents occur in a multitude of ways and scenarios—they are almost never cut and dry. Car accidents we see on a daily basis include rear-end crashes, head-on collisions, single-vehicle crashes, chain-reactions vehicles, crashes caused by road hazards or defective vehicles, and crashes involving commercial trucks.

    With truck accidents, we also see accidents from the head and rear. Likewise, it’s not unusual for truck accidents to arise after a defective or malfunctioning car part, such as tire blowout. Jackknife, blind-spot, roll-over, and underride accidents are, unfortunately, among the most deadly and frequently occurring types of truck accidents in Austin.

    Common Causes of Auto Collisions and Car Accidents in Austin, Texas

    There are hundreds of thousands of cars and trucks on Austin roads, each traveling in different directions for different purposes and tasks. Regardless of the journey, every motorist must obey basic driving laws and exercise due care. Failure to adhere to traffic laws puts everyone’s life at risk. Drivers in Austin may cause motor vehicle accidents in the following ways:

    • Distracted driving
    • Drunk driving
    • Fatigue
    • Speeding
    • Aggressive and reckless driving
    • Inexperience
    • Weather conditions and road hazards
    • Failure to obey traffic laws
    • Poor judgement

    On top of these general causes, truck accidents come with additional sources of negligence. From unsecure cargo and lack of truck maintenance to undertrained and overworked drivers, there are several factors that contribute to trucking accidents. Detecting the cause or causes of your crash requires an in-depth understanding of accident causation and crash mechanisms.

    The attorneys at Sutliff & Stout are relentlessly motivated to discover the truth of your accident. We have the internal capability and expertise to perform our own investigations, as well as professional external resources if we need a supplementary opinion on your case.

    Most Common Injuries Associated With Car Accident Collisions

    While pain is often the first indicator of a potential injury, don’t wait for pain to appear before seeking medical attention. Austin has some of the best hospitals in Texas, offering high-quality, life-saving care for you and your loved ones. If you wait to seek treatment, non-existent or minor injuries can escalate. Car and truck accident victims in Austin are vulnerable to sustaining the following injuries:

    • Broken or fractured bones
    • Bruising, burns, and sprains
    • Severe lacerations and scarring
    • Bodily or facial disfigurement
    • Spinal cord injuries, including neck and back injuries
    • Concussions and traumatic brain injuries

    Deterioration of your mental health due to physical injury or the rigorous physical recovery you have ahead is real. Often, it’s just as serious, if not worse, than the physical or visible injuries themselves. One of the most common mental health issues that develops after accidents is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), followed by depression and anxiety.

    Just like physical injuries, mental suffering resulting from your crash can be compensated. Sutliff & Stout can help prove these conditions and how your life has been impacted by examining your medical records and having a qualified medical professional outline the anticipated progression of such injuries.

    1. Make sure you’re not dealing with a fly-by-night law firm.

    Many of the personal injury law firms who advertise in Austin don’t actually have a law office and staff in the city. We call these “fly-by-night” attorneys.

    These firms often use manipulative tactics to look like a local law firm, when in reality they do not truly have an office in the area.

    Our personal injury law office is in the West Lake Hills neighborhood of Austin, Texas. Our office is staffed with legal professionals who serve the needs of our Austin-based clients. We invite you to take a virtual tour of our Austin personal injury law office below.

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    2. Just because they’re on TV, doesn’t mean they’re good lawyers.

    Personal injury lawyers are notorious for spending big money on copious amounts of TV, radio, and billboard advertising. While it’s true that not all personal injury firms who advertise on TV are low quality firms, the simple fact that you’ve seen a law firm all over your TV or heard them all over your radio doesn’t mean they are the right choice for your case.

    There are several personal injury law firms in Austin who we’re sure you’ve seen on TV or on billboards or heard on the radio. Before hiring one of these firms, ask yourself if the firm is right for you? Did you actually get to speak to a lawyer? Does the firm have good reviews from other clients?

    If you or someone you love has recently been injured, we invite you to browse the articles below. These are some of our most popular articles that will help you understand the personal injury process:

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    3. Personality matters. Make sure you like working with the lawyer you hire.

    Your relationship with your lawyer is a critical one. If your case involves serious injuries and complex circumstances, you will need to work closely with your lawyers throughout your case in order to secure the best, most fair outcome.

    We suggest that you take the time to speak with the lawyer who will be responsible for your case to make sure that you’re comfortable with him or her.

    Our attorneys pride themselves on being approachable and straight-forward. While we have a specialized knowledge of the law, we’re normal people, just like you. The client testimonial below attests to what it’s like to work with our attorneys:

    With Sutliff & Stout, I felt like I was talking to old friends…

    After my accident when I lost my leg above the knee, times got hard. I didn’t know who to talk to, bills piled up: Ambulance, hospital, tax man. I couldn’t work, and Austin personal injury lawyers Sutliff & Stout came through for me. The result of my case was, we got maximum insurance money and a $6 million judgement.

    – Brandon
    Read and watch more client testimonials…

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    4. Most injury firms give free consultations. Don’t let that alone sway you.

    Almost every personal injury lawyer in Austin advertises that they offer free consultations (yours truly included). Don’t let us fool you.

    Most Austin personal injury law firms will offer you a free case review because almost all personal injury law firms work on a contingency basis, which means that they get a percentage of the recovery rather than charging you money up-front.

    While you should absolutely take advantage and get a free case review from a qualified injury lawyer, don’t be fooled into thinking that only one law firm will give you this option. Most reputable accident lawyers in Austin will offer you a free consultation.

    Ready to get answers about your injury claim?

    Submit the short form below to get a free case review from Sutliff & Stout.

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      5. The best personal injury lawyers tend to have great online reviews.

      When you’re thinking about where to eat dinner or what movie to see, you probably go online and look at reviews. While the stakes are far greater, when you’re making a decision on what personal injury firm to hire, you should consider the law firm’s online reviews.

      Look for a few things:

      • Substance of the reviews: Look for reviews that speak to the actual skill of the attorneys at the firm.
      • Number of reviews:A firm with just one or two reviews should signal a red flag.
      • Recency of reviews: If the firm hasn’t received a new review in the six months to a year, this should be cause for concern.

      At Sutliff & Stout, we’re proud to have over 95 Google reviews, all 5-star ratings, between our Houston and Austin offices.

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      6. The best personal injury attorneys have experience with a variety case types.

      When you’re evaluating personal injury law firms, we suggest that you look for evidence that the firm has experience handling cases like yours. There are a lot of personal injury law firms in Austin that only want to handle the simple, straight-forward car accident cases.

      While this type of firm is fine if you have a simple, straight-forward case, such firm is not a good fit if your case is more complex.

      At Sutliff & Stout, we have substantial experience handling a variety of personal injury cases from accident victims, including serious injury cases (paralysis, lost limbs, etc.) and wrongful death cases. During your personal injury lawsuit we will work with you and the insurance company on receiving fair compensation for your damages, injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering.

      Below you’ll find links to complete guides on the most common types of personal injury and accident cases that we handle:

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      7. Lawyers who go above and beyond will come meet with you at the hospital or at home.

      The best personal injury lawyers know that it’s a privilege to be entrusted with representing your interests after a serious accident. Great lawyers will go above and beyond to make it as easy as possible for you to secure legal representation.

      If you’re injured and recovering in the hospital or at home, the last thing you should have to worry about is getting to a law office in order to speak with your attorneys.

      We routinely visit our Austin clients at their homes or in the hospital as they recover. Whether you’re at Seton Medical Center, St. David’s Medical Center, Arise Austin Medical Center, Austin Lakes Hospital, Austin Oaks Hospital, or any other medical facility in or around Austin, we are more than happy to come to you in order to provide a free case review and legal counsel.

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      8. The best injury lawyers believe in something

      Attorney Graham Sutliff and Family in Austin

      When you’re researching Austin injury lawyers we recommend that you check out each firm’s mission statement and community involvement.

      At Sutliff & Stout we believe that if you’re going to do personal injury law, and you’re going to do it well, you have to care about the people in the communities that you serve. You have to make it your mission to create safer communities, and you have to support organization’s who do vital work.

      We are proud to support the Austin community by offering free sober rides on all of the major holidays. In fact, over the past four years we have spent thousands of dollars on cab and ride-sharing rides to ensure that people in Austin can get a safe ride home if they’ve been drinking.

      We are also proud to support the following Austin non-profits who work to improve the lives of people in our community:


      9. Don’t be fooled by “awards”. The best lawyers have a history of great results.

      It’s likely that many of the Austin personal injury lawyers you’re considering make a big deal of their awards; things like Super Lawyers, Million Dollar Advocates, Avvo Ratings. While we have those awards, we suggest that you dig deeper to understand the true abilities of the lawyers that you’re considering.

      Great personal injury law firms will have a history of impressive case results. If any of the firms that you’re considering cannot show you examples of their previous case results, you may want to take this as a red flag.

      At Sutliff & Stout we are proud of the results that we’ve achieved for our Texas clients over our 10+ years in business. We invite you to browse some of our most impressive case results here.

      We are a highly recommend injury law firm in Austin. We value the attorney-client relationship. As a personal injury law firm we are dedicated to aggressive representation of our clients that yields results. If you or someone you love sustained a serious injury in an auto accident or a truck accident, you should learn more about filing an injury claim.

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      Our Austin Car Accident Attorneys Are Ready to Help You

      At Sutliff & Stout, we understand that an accident can be a traumatizing experience that will likely financially impact you in a negative way. We also know how scary it can be to go through this alone. That’s why we work tirelessly—day and night—to get you the compensation you deserve.

      If you’re ready to discuss your case, we’re ready to help. We invite you to contact us by filling out our online contact form, or call or text (713) 987-7111 to schedule a free case review.

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