Houston Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Houston Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Driving in Houston and throughout Texas can be a dangerous commute. In 2022, TxDOT reported 4,481 deaths on Texas roadways. 

Although factors like speeding and distracted driving can significantly contribute to accidents, they’re not the sole cause. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of reasons people get into accidents. But one of the most deadly factors is the sudden prevalence of disabled or crashed vehicles in a pile-up incident. 

Multi-vehicle accidents can often result in a dozen or more people being injured. 


What is a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

Simply put, a multi-vehicle accident is typically categorized as an accident involving at least 3 or more vehicles. These types of collisions often result in multiple parties suffering injuries. Due to the chaotic nature of these accidents, they can often result in a fatality. In a situation where fault may be difficult to prove, an experienced legal expert will be key.


How to Determine Fault in a Multi-Vehicle Accident

In cases involving a multi-vehicle crash, determining blame is usually more complicated than looking for the at-fault party of the initial crash. Compounding details can dramatically change the assignment of fault in crashes like this. With that in mind, it’s important to survey the full crash and collect as much evidence as possible. An at-fault party must be established for a claim to be made. Due to the nature of these accidents, that isn’t always simple. With, at times, dozens of parties possessing some level of fault, these claims can quickly become complicated.


One Real Life Example

On March 22, 2024, multiple lanes of the Katy Freeway in Houston were suddenly impacted in a multi-vehicle collision. First responders on the scene reported at least 11 vehicles in total were impacted in the crash. 

The incident reportedly started when an 18-wheeler and a truck collided, causing a chain reaction that involved nearly a dozen vehicles.


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