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What Is Maritime Law?

General maritime law provides additional rights and damages to seamen and maritime laborers outside the Jones Act. General maritime law in Houston also provides remedies to non-seamen injured in a sea setting or while involved in maritime activities. These are common law remedies that are available for maritime accidents. This law provides additional remedies for injured seamen and their family members. It basically allows injured workers to pursue damages outside the Jones Act.

The statute of limitations controlling general maritime claims is actually three years from the day of the event that was the cause of action. This means that an injured maritime worker has only three years to file suit or lose his right to make a claim forever.


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Houston Maritime Injury Attorneys

We are maritime injury lawyers who have successfully resolved various types of maritime injury cases along the Gulf Coast and the United States. Our law firm takes enormous of pride in handling these cases, and our expert legal team devotes a significant amount of time and resources to helping individuals injured on the high seas.

Our firm handles maritime cases solely on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not pay any fee or expenses until we help you recover. We don’t get paid until you do! If you or a loved one has suffered an injury at sea, we invite you to contact our office now for a free, no-obligation case review.

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    Navigating Maritime Law

    Maritime law, also known as admiralty law, is a combination of domestic and international law that govern how private parties operate or engage in operations on the ocean.  Maritime law directly impacts how insurance claims are handled related to shipping disputes, civil matters between shipowners, transportation of cargo and passengers, and registration, licensing, and inspection of ships.

    The statute of limitations controlling general maritime claims is actually three years from the day of the event that was the cause of action. This means that an injured maritime worker has only three years to file suit or lose his right to make a claim forever.



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    Injured While Cruising?

    Accidents or injuries can occur at any time, even while on vacation.

    Many of the same potential hazards people face in their day-to-day life can carry over to a cruise ship. It is generally expected that the cruise line is expected to ensure a safe passage for their passengers. But what is the case when that doesn’t happen?

    Injuries suffered by other passengers, hazardous conditions, or negligent crewmembers are not uncommon events while out at sea. In some cases, it’s possible to file a lawsuit against the cruise line, the owner of the ship, the charter, and other relevant parties. These situations vary case by case.

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    Most lawyers will take cases for the money. Sutliff & Stout took an interest in me as a person and not just dollar sign. If you want attorneys who will do their best, and go the extra mile, Sutliff & Stout are perfect for you. They took care of everything after my personnel basket transfer accident, and their efforts made sure that my family would be taken care of in the future.

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    Insurance Claims at Sea

    Fire and explosions are the most common types of damage or injuries while at sea. It’s estimated that 15-20% of all maritime insurance claims are related to fires while at sea. In 2021, fire-related injuries and damages accounted for an estimated 1.65 billion euros worth of insurance claims. Sutliff & Stout has the experience and expertise to fight for you on your claim.

    fire on boat injury insurance claim

    Recent Maritime Injury Case Results


    Maritime Wrongful Death Settlement

    A family in the mid-eastern United States contacted Sutliff & Stout to assist them when their family member was killed on the job. The employer took the position that the employee was at fault for his own death, and the company claimed that it was not liable to the family for any damages. After six months of depositions, numerous court proceedings and other discovery matters, we were able to obtain a favorable $2,500,000.00 settlement.

    Common Maritime Injuries

    • Fire & Chemical Burn – Fires can spread rapidly on a ship. Fires can occur in 3 main varieties on the water, Class A, B, or C.
    • Slip & Fall – Slick/slippery surfaces can cause serious injury. It’s important to wear proper footwear while on the water.
    • Back & Shoulder – In conjunction with slip & falls, back/shoulder pains are common among boating injuries.
    • Spinal Cord – Spinal injuries can occur when a watercraft collides with either other watercraft or objects under the surface.
    • Broken Bones – Borken legs and arm injuries are not uncommon while on the water. Speeding watercraft involved in accidents on the water can lead to severe injury for those involved.
    • Loss of Limb – Amputations can be traumatic and have life-altering effects for those having to go through with this serious surgery.
    • Hypothermia – If a person were to fall into cold waters due to an accident on the water, hypothermia could quickly set in.
    • Electrical – With dozens of electrical components on board, a variety of dangerous scenarios are possible, including electrocution.
    • Hearing Loss – Simply put, watercraft can be loud. Proper earware is highly recommended.
    • Improper Equipment Use – Safety is always paramount while on the water. Poorly trained staff using equipment incorrectly can lead to unthinkable results.
    • Wrongful Death & Drowning – A fatal boating accident is a preventable tragedy. The majority of deaths while on the water occur from drowning.

    Contact Houston Maritime Lawyers Today

    We understand that whether you are a seaman, harbor worker, fisherman, or longshoreman, your ability to earn a living or resume your daily life may be seriously compromised by an accident on the water. These cases are complex and require an experienced maritime attorney. Our attorneys have successfully helped maritime injury victims.

    If you or someone you know has been injured in a maritime accident, contact Sutliff & Stout to discuss your maritime claim at (713) 987-7111 or contact us online. Our maritime injury law firm will properly evaluate your claim and help protect your interests.

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