• By: Hank Stout
  • Published: May 2022

U-turns are a useful driving maneuver but a tricky maneuver to perform safely. Drivers typically use U-turns as a quick fix after going in the wrong direction, but executing a U-turn makes drivers susceptible to various accidents. You must be aware of a lot, such as if the U-turn is even legal and the speed of oncoming traffic. Failing to consider these can have major repercussions for everyone on the road, including yourself, pedestrians, and other cars.

Experiencing a U-turn accident can be jarring. Drivers frequently perform U-turns in the wrong location or execute them poorly, endangering the lives of others. However, it is not always clear how these accidents occur and who is at fault in a U-turn accident. There are several things you need to know about U-turn accidents in Texas.

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How to Initiate a U-Turn in Texas and Some Common Accidents

Below are the most common instances of U-turns, as well as how some U-turns can cause accidents.

How to Make a U-Turn at a Green Light

When a driver attempts to make a U-turn after approaching a light with a green arrow, They have to wait for any traffic on the left side, including vehicles making a right-hand turn, to clear.

If the light is solid green, the driver attempting to turn must yield to oncoming traffic, including cars turning right from a side lane into the lane the turner desires to enter.

How to Make a U-Turn in a Lane Without a Traffic Signal

According to Texas law, when making a U-turn in a lane without a traffic signal, the U-turner must yield to all other vehicles.

What to Do at Intersections That Prohibit U-Turns

Texas has numerous intersections, and it is possible for drivers to become confused and mistakenly make a U-turn in the incorrect place. It is the driver’s responsibility to look for these signs before turning. If you enter the left lane before noticing one of these signs, you should turn left.

How to Make a U-Turn at a Median

Although these points are typically intended for U-turns, the driver attempting to make a U-turn must still yield to oncoming traffic.

U-Turns Can Lead to Accidents Involving Multiple Vehicles

When a vehicle makes a risky or irresponsible U-turn, the angle at which the car is impacted leads it to skid into oncoming traffic or other vehicles in the intersection, causing a chain reaction collision. Due to the difficulty in determining who is culpable and to what extent, multi-car U-turn accidents can be challenging to litigate and establish liability.

When a U-Turn Accident Is Not the Fault of the Turning Driver

U-turn accident fault is contingent upon the specific details of each case. The turning driver is not the only one capable of being at fault for the accident. While a driver is attempting a U-turn, a member of oncoming traffic could have been the cause of the accident from being distracted or breaking traffic laws. For example, it is important to note whether the driver involved acted recklessly before blaming the turning driver.

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