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Logging trucks carrying large cargo can make driving alongside them in traffic intimidating. Getting into an accident with one of these trucks can be downright traumatizing for all involved. These loads’ sheer size and volume almost always mean injury for the other driver, sometimes even a severe one. Sutliff & Stout is dedicated to helping you overcome the trauma sustained in one of these accidents by helping you navigate the claims process. Compensation can help you recover from such a significant incident and hold the company responsible for the negligent action that caused the accident. 

A long-time logging truck accident lawyer, Sutliff & Stout has considerable experience in this area of law. Moreover, we understand how important it is to have resources available to you as you attempt to get back on track after your injuries. We take the necessary steps to hold the company responsible so that they don’t repeat the same behaviors that resulted in your injuries. 

What Can Cause a Logging Truck Accident?

Logging trucks often carry heavy cargo, impacting the driver’s ability to control the vehicle effectively. Even the slightest lag in braking or lack of attention to the road can be enough for one of these large trucks to cause a collision. The situation is made worse when logging truck drivers work long hours without proper breaks, leading to errors in judgment on the roads. 

Improper loading is also a common issue for these trucks. Because of the cargo’s weight, proper loading is essential to safe driving. Not only can improper weight distribution and strapping cargo lead to an inability to control a logging truck, but also it can result in falling debris. The roaring sound of a logging truck engine makes it hard for the truck driver to hear when cargo has fallen off the truck, which means they might not even know when they are putting other drivers in danger. 

Because of the size of their loads, logging trucks are also more susceptible to issues like tire blowouts when driving. This means that if companies are not extremely careful to maintain these trucks properly, they are even more dangerous on the roads than they might otherwise be. 

A Logging Truck Accident Attorney Can Fight for Justice on Your Behalf

Logging truck accidents are typically avoidable if companies follow proper procedures for loading these trucks, strapping down cargo properly and ensuring that drivers have the right amount of rest and breaks when driving. It is also critical that logging trucks be effectively maintained before drivers get on the road with a truck full of cargo. It is only when companies fail to follow these procedures that accidents can – and do – occur. When this happens, and you are victimized by this level of negligence, the company in question should be held accountable for its carelessness. 

A logging truck accident lawyer like Sutliff & Stout will work on your behalf to get compensation for your injuries. Logging companies often employ corporate attorneys that do everything in their power to avoid liability on behalf of the company. We have successfully prevailed over these attempts in the past, winning our clients substantial compensation after a logging company’s negligence victimized them. 

You rightfully expect any company hauling such large and dangerous cargo to take precautions in securing it and properly training drivers that will move it from one place to another. You also expect drivers to be trained to appropriately react in emergencies when hauling logging cargo so that others are not harmed because of reckless or negligent driving. When logging companies fail to live up to these responsibilities, they should accept the liability. 

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Logging companies should implement policies and procedures to avoid accidents at all costs. Yet, this does not always happen, and negligence sometimes ensues as a result. Sutliff & Stout strongly believes that logging companies should be held accountable when this happens. We understand that overcoming injuries sustained in an accident of this magnitude is no easy feat, and compensation can ease the financial burden a bit and give you the space you need to get back on your feet. 

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