Self-Driving Trucks Coming to Texas Spur Safety Debate

self driving truckSelf-driving trucks are on the rise. A phenomenon that once only occurred on TV now happens in real life. Last summer, the self-driving semi-truck manufacturer, Waymo, announced that their autonomous trucks and minivans would start making routes throughout Texas and New Mexico. After the self-driving technology company made the announcement, citizens across Texas began debating whether these self-driving vessels are safe for other drivers on the road.

Autonomous, or self-driving, trucks are new to the global market. Automated semi-trucks are currently being used throughout the U.S. in Texas, Georgia, Arizona, and California. Waymo’s announcement noted that their self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans would be deployed to Texas roads before their larger, autonomous semi-truck fleets. Texas is home to more than 800 trucking companies, according to the Texas Trucking Association. Changes in this industry affect many Texans, and the safe operation of these trucks for other drivers on the road is paramount.

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How Do Self-Driving Semi-trucks Work?

Autonomous vehicles use sensory data on the roads and the surrounding environment to drive autonomously without aid from a human driver. The self-driving trucks will be operating in Texas on Interstates 10, 20, and 45. Self-driving trucks operate through the use of data on speed limit laws and road conditions provided by satellite maps. Waymo and other autonomous vehicle manufacturers claim their self-driving vehicles are safe, and all autonomous trucks would carry drivers who can take control of the wheel if need be, while en route.

What are the Benefits of Self-Driving Trucks in Texas?

Those in favor of the self-driving trucks say they ultimately will make our roads a safer place for truckers and passenger vehicle drivers. Promoters of self-driving trucks claim that putting autonomous trucks to use will provide many benefits, such as:

  • Higher efficiency of cross-country routes
  • Lower operating costs for the trucking industry
  • Removal of the highest risk in truck driving, which is human error

The president and CEO of the Texas Trucking Association, John Esparza, has said he’s looking forward to the arrival of autonomous trucks. Citing how distracted driving causes most fatalities on the road, Esparaza said, “Once you deploy this technology that takes error out of human hands, you’ll start seeing some real change.”

Other proponents of autonomous trucks note that this new technology won’t impact the trucking industry’s need for qualified and skilled tractor-trailer truck drivers who have clean driving records. Alejandra Cid, manager at Houston’s 21-year old AAA CDL School, told the media, “The demand for drivers is so high, regardless of whether or not you’re actually controlling the wheel.”

What are the Risks of Self-Driving Trucks in Texas?

Those more dubious of autonomous trucks in Texas claim they will threaten to replace the nearly 300,000 cross-country truck driver jobs around the country. With many of those jobs located in Texas, there’s a growing concern that the increased number of self-driving trucks will lead to an increasing number of jobs lost within the industry.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, a union of 1.4 million members with more than a half-million working in transportation, claims that self-driving trucks depend on technology that’s proven to be unreliable – which poses a significant safety risk to other Texans on the road. Teamsters Local 577 in Amarillo, Texas is paying close attention to Waymo’s arrival on the state’s roadways. While safety is a primary concern, worries of job loss are also top-of-mind for skeptics of self-driving trucks.

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