Our Houston Condemnation Lawyers can help you if the government or some other entity is trying to take your property.

Government at every level has the power of eminent domain, which is the unilateral taking of private property for the benefit of the public.  Under the pretense of having appraised the value of the property, however, the process is heavily weighted in favor of the government and against the landowner.  When the process starts, the landowner loses title immediately and is forced to fight an uphill battle to try either to prevent the taking or to exact fair compensation for his property or his business.

At Sutliff & Stout, we have the experience to contest condemnation actions by all levels of government agencies of Texas.  Whether at the state, county, city, or utility level, we are skilled in contesting the valuations presented by the government.  We have represented the interest of both the landowner and commercial tenants.

For landowners, we have protected their interests by forcing the government to clearly state the extent of the interest being taken, which often results in increased awards, and to pay fair and reasonable value for the property taken.

For commercial tenants, we have developed strategies for identifying and proving damages and losses suffered by businesses in property affected by condemnation. Our experience and willingness to forcefully litigate condemnation cases through trial has given us the advantage of better settlements where possible.

If we cannot reach a fair and reasonable settlement, Sutliff & Stout will skillfully maneuver the defenses and arguments presented by the government and its appraisers to bring the landowner or the tenant the best possible outcome.