How to Have Meaningful Conversations with Your Loved Ones about Drunk Driving

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The danger of drunk driving is a serious and uncomfortable topic to bring up to a loved one when you have concerns about their safety. It can be difficult to speak on a topic that has brought so much pain and grief into the lives of so many people. While the conversation may be difficult, it is necessary to discuss the dangers of driving under the influence.

In the United States, an average of 28 people per day are killed in incidents involving drunk driving. These deaths could be one hundred percent preventable if everyone would follow the laws that prohibit a driver from operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. The injury and accident lawyers of Sutliff & Stout know the importance of having meaningful conversations with your loved ones about drunk driving. Keep reading for some helpful information to ensure the conversation is successful and holds meaning.

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    How Alcohol Impairs Your Ability to Drive

    When discussing the dangers of drunk driving with loved ones, they must understand how alcohol impairs their ability to remain alert while out on the roads. While driving, you have to be quick with your reactions as distractions, roadblocks, or hazards can come out of nowhere.

    When intoxicated by alcohol, the substance tends to numb the mind making reaction time slower than usual. Some common symptoms one may experience when under the influence of alcohol are:

    • Loss of motor skills
    • Impaired vision
    • Slurred speech
    • Loss of balance
    • Poor judgement

    While these are only a few common ways that alcohol can severely impair your ability to drive, alcohol can cause many more dangerous side effects. Whenever you have a drink, consider the fact that driving under the influence of alcohol not only affects you, but every other person on the roads around you.

    Tips for Having a Meaningful Conversation about Drunk Driving

    If you plan to have a conversation with a loved one about drunk driving, you may worry about how they will react. The following tips will help make sure the conversation is meaningful and that your loved one is receptive to your concerns.

    Develop a Strategy for the Conversation

    This may seem obvious, but the conversation mustn’t come off like they are on trial or under interrogation. If you want your loved one to take what you are saying to heart, approach this topic with a positive mindset instead of being accusatory. Be prepared for pushback and possible negative feelings towards the idea that they would drive drunk. Also, asking for their perspective on the subject, as well as inquiring how you can help them will be beneficial.

    Share Drunk Driving Facts

    Drunk driving is a very real issue in the United States. Helping your loved ones understand how dangerous drunk driving is will allow them to understand the risks involved and why it is so important that they never drive while drunk. The following are drunk driving statistics that may help your loved one better understand the risk one takes while driving drunk:

    • More than a quarter of all traffic-related deaths are a result of drunk driving.
    • There is one drunk driving death every fifty minutes in the United States.
    • Last year, about 290,000 people were injured in accidents involving drunk driving.
    • Of the 10,000 American killed each year by drunk driving, about 1,000 of them are children.

    Be a Support System

    When it comes to drunk driving, it is important that your loved ones feel you are someone they can call if they need a ride instead of driving home after drinking. That trust starts with the initial conversation. Letting them know you are there to support them no matter what will allow your loved ones to feel safe coming to you instead of putting themselves in a situation that could have dangerous consequences.

    Consult Expert Texas Personal Injury Attorneys after a Crash

    Too many people have been affected by a drunk driving accident one way or another. If you or a loved one has been the victim of an accident involving drunk driving, then you should seek out the help of experienced and top-rated personal injury attorneys to help you pursue a claim for any damages you may have suffered.

    Sutliff & Stout Injury and Accident Law Firm is a team of Board-Certified attorneys with extensive experience in car accident cases. Named as one of Texas’ top three personal injury firms, you can trust that you will be in good care with Sutliff & Stout Houston car accident lawyers. To schedule a free case review, complete our online contact form or call (713) 987-7111.

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