• By: Graham Sutliff
  • Published: March 2020

keys and gavel Finding the right attorney to represent you is essential to the success of your case. Not only is it important to hire an attorney who understands your situation but it is also important to hire an attorney with extensive experience representing people in the same situation as you. Sometimes, you will put all of your efforts into finding an attorney to represent you and still end up feeling like they’re missing the mark. If you want to change attorneys in the middle of your car accident case, here is what you need to know before you do.

Why Do You Want To Change Your Attorney?

Switching attorneys in the middle of a case is a big decision and it is not one that you should take lightly. Before you fire your attorney you should first fully understand why you want to make that decision. If you are able to communicate the reason you want to switch to your current attorney, you might learn that there was a simple misunderstanding or miscommunication. Furthermore, it is important to know why you want to switch attorneys so you don’t hire a new attorney and make the same mistake twice.

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Talk To Your Attorney First

There might be implications for firing your current attorney in the contract you signed. Therefore, if you’re going to switch attorneys in the middle of a case, you need to know you are making the right decision. Sometimes all it takes is an opportunity to sit down with your current attorney and talk through your differences to understand that they can still help you. If you are able to work out your differences with your attorney, it is likely in your best interest to stay in your current contract. If you are unable to come to an agreement or they fail to provide you with what you need, you should explore finding alternate representation. Some red flags to look out for when searching for an attorney include:

  • Attorneys who refuse to meet with you
  • Attorneys who do not return your calls
  • Attorneys who fail to listen to your concerns

The State Bar Association offers mediation services for any person who wants a third-party present to meet with their attorney. Sometimes, having a third-party involved is the best way for you and your attorney to see eye-to-eye.

Know What You Need To Do To Switch Attorneys

If you go identify the issue and speak to your attorney but still decide to switch attorneys there is a process you must follow. Before you switch attorneys be sure to:

  • Gather documents and evidence associated with your case
  • Hire a new attorney
  • Payout the contract with your old attorney

Although you might not feel like your attorney deserves compensation for their work, you likely signed a contract that stated you would pay them. You must honor this contract unless you feel like you have a malpractice case against them.

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