Seeking Legal Counsel after a Texas Road Rage Car Accident

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Even if you are a perfect driver, you have likely encountered an enraged motorist, a typical occurrence on Texas highways. Road rage accidents have produced some of the most devastating injuries due to their violent nature. Tragically, a San Antonio baby was left paralyzed from the neck down following a crash caused by road rage more than ten years ago. In this case, an aggressive back and forth between two drivers inevitably led to a five-vehicle crash, leaving a child and his father, who were uninvolved, severely injured.

In recent years, the incidence and severity of road rage have increased rapidly, and it is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. An experienced lawyer may be able to protect you in the aftermath of a road rage accident. The legal team at Sutliff & Stout can seek justice for you and fight hard for the compensation you deserve.

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    What Does Texas Road Rage Look Like?

    In Texas, road rage is becoming increasingly prevalent. Though it may seem impossible to discern a driver’s emotions while they’re in their vehicle, certain driving behaviors indicate road rage. Road rage can be described as any hostile behavior directed at another driver.

    Numerous aggressive driving tactics can be considered road rage, including:

    • Intentionally tailgating
    • Cutting someone off
    • Preventing a car from changing lanes
    • Yelling
    • Making vulgar gestures
    • Aggressively honking the horn
    • Intentionally bumping or ramming into another vehicle
    • Confronting the other driver by getting out of the car
    • Intentionally hitting a person or another driver with a car
    • Running another driver off the road
    • Threatening or assaulting another driver with a firearm
    • Pursuing another vehicle at high speeds

    The attacker could seriously injure their target, harm other motorists, or even cause a collision by engaging in these actions.

    What Should I Do if a Driver With Road Rage Hits Me?

    If an enraged driver hits you, you should seek medical help immediately if your injuries are serious. If you are concerned for your safety, call the police and remain in your vehicle until they come. Make sure to submit a police complaint and obtain the driver’s contact and insurance information.

    If you’ve suffered severe injuries, you should seek assistance from a personal injury lawyer. They can help you determine what damages you may recover. You could receive compensation to cover the cost of medical treatment, missing work, vehicle damage, and pain and suffering. In very severe cases, the victim may also be awarded punitive damages. Punitive damages are awarded to accident victims to punish the defendant for their actions.

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    Accidents sparked by a driver’s road rage can leave victims seriously injured. While you may be tempted to deal directly with the insurance company and settle the matter on your own, if your injuries are severe and force you to miss work, you may benefit from professional legal assistance. The financial impact on your family can be devastating due to medical expenditures and lost wages. Find the top road rage lawyer in Texas for your case to safeguard your rights.

    The Texas car accident lawyers at Sutliff & Stout could assist you and your family if you were hurt in a Texas road rage collision. Utilizing all of our experience, we will carefully examine the facts of the case, investigate the actions of the road rage driver, and interview law enforcement and witnesses. Our legal professionals have years of experience helping accident victims recover from serious events resulting from the negligence or malicious acts of others. Reach out to our firm by calling (713) 987-7111 or submitting a contact form.

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