• By: Hank Stout
  • Published: April 2021

If you have ever been involved in a personal injury accident in Texas, you deserve to be fairly compensated for the damages you sustained or any loss of wages that may have occurred due to your inability to work. Thousands of individuals who live in Texas experience both minor and serious accidents each year and many of them are compensated by their insurance companies for their injuries and pain.

However, there are certain occasions when an insurance company may deny your claim after an accident. When this happens, your best option is to reach out and talk with an experienced attorney who understands how to navigate the complexities of the Texas legal system, or Texas car accident law, to help you pursue your claim.

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Obtain a Written Explanation for the Denial of Your Insurance Claim

After an insurance company denies your claim, they will often send either a physical letter or an email to formally inform you of their decision. There are times when this does not happen, however, and it is up to you as the claimant to obtain documentation of the denial of your claim.

If the insurance company does send a notification to you, ensure that the document includes the reason that the claim is denied. Once you have been supplied with the reasons behind their decision, you can take the necessary steps to move forward with your case.

Potential Reasons for a Denied Insurance Claim in Texas

Dealing with insurance companies in any capacity can be complicated. Strict guidelines and paperwork often turn the process of pursuing a claim into a time-consuming ordeal. Regardless of the amount of effort you put into gathering evidence and filing your claim, there are a variety of different reasons that an insurance company might deny it, including:

  • The accident was avoidable
  • Injuries are related to pre-existing conditions
  • No complaints were filed at the time of the accident
  • The claimant was responsible for the accident
  • Medical records do not indicate pain or injuries
  • Incorrectly filed medical paperwork or claim information
  • The claim amount exceeds the maximum amount of coverage
  • Issues related to the provider network

If you believe that your car accident claim was denied in bad faith, meaning that it was denied for reasons that are not legitimate, you need to contact a car accident attorney who understands the legal process and knows how to improve the strength of your claim and help you build your case.

Your Options after Your Claim is Denied

Individuals living in Texas who have had their insurance claims denied can feel defeated and hopeless, but there are several options available. One of the best ways to move forward with your claim is to seek out the assistance of a trained legal professional who can work with you to build a case that proves the necessity of your claim to the court.

There are also other options after your claim has been denied, such as presenting proof of the severity of your injuries through medical documents or photos/videos, as well as consistently reaching out to the insurance company. However, there are also steps that you should avoid:

  • Avoid settling for “quick cash” from an insurer
  • Avoid financial incentives from insurers to see their doctor, mechanic, therapist, etc.
  • Avoid making recorded statements that could be used against you
  • Avoid posting on social media about your claim or accident

Although it can be difficult to challenge the position of an insurance company after they have denied your claim, if you hire a trusted attorney from Sutliff and Stout, one of the best car accident lawyers in the state of Texas, you can be rest assured that you will not have to fight that battle alone.

Retain a Skilled Texas Insurance Claims Attorney

It is common to feel frustrated and confused after your Texas insurance claim has been denied, especially if you have recently been involved in a personal injury accident. When this happens, you need the help of a Board-Certified insurance claims attorney who will work on your behalf to seek the best possible outcome for your case.

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